Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Songs

For the most part, I love Christmas music. When KOST starts playing it (yes, even before Thanksgiving!!), anything that I own that can transmit a radio frequency is tuned to that station. KOST. KOST 103.5. (Free advertising - lucky for them.)

HOWEVER...there are "Christmas Songs" that I HATE. And so the list begins...

1. Christmas Shoes

Three letters: WTF
Two words: Socially Irresponsible!
One explanation: OK, anyone who knew me when the song came out will contend that "YOU were the one who told me I needed to listen to this song because it's so sweet!" SO, I take it back. I was wrong. So very wrong. Who in the world allows their child to wander around any shopping area unattended, talking to strangers and asking them for money...ALL while his mother is at home dying.

2. Christmas Time Is Here

Have you listened to the words? No wonder Surface doesn't record anymore!

3. Anything Natalie Cole (Christmas and non-Christmas)

Using her father to make money for herself...tsk, tsk, tsk...

4. Why Couldn't It Be Christmas Everyday?

By the winner of America's Got Talent, Bianca Ryan. Well, for starters, if we had to listen to this song for Christmas everyday, I would probably lose my hearing from all of the screaming that goes on in this song. It makes me want to ask for earplugs for Christmas. The people who call this use of her voice "singing" are sadly mistaken and should go in for a hearing test.

Also, little girl, if it was Christmas every day, some people would be broke and wouldn't be able to buy your album. Do you want that to happen?!

5. Anything Gloria Estefan

Just don't like her voice...

6. Anything Kimberly Locke

Can't tell if it's a male or female voice...

More will be added soon. KOST plays these things 24 hours a day for 5 weeks. I'm bound to come across some gems!

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