Friday, January 29, 2010


As I've been listening to the radio and watching TV this past week, I've gotten more and more irritated with the way that people/companies display their phone numbers. Example...

George Clooney did a very nice thing in organizing the telethon for the people of Haiti. Celebrities all came together to donate their time and talents to get people to watch and give. The problem was...everytime they displayed their number, it was displayed like this:


Usually they would give another number right below, giving the real number so you don't have to go searching for the numbers that correspond to the letters on your phone. Helpful, right? I thought so.

But no, they didn't do that, and I have a smartphone. With a full keyboard. I didn't know what number to dial. But that's okay...I'll give somewhere else.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chocolate Cheerios

Because you needed a new flavor of Cheerios to add to your collection, General Mills has introduced Chocolate Cheerios! They're also offering a coupon for 50 cents off your purchase of Chocolate Cheerios. Unfortunately, I found it AFTER I bought my cereal. :(

Friday, January 15, 2010

Krispy Kreme's Free Doughnut Day (for Southern California)

To celebrate 10 tasty years in Southern California, Krispy Kreme has declared tomorrow (Saturday, January 16, 2010) Free Doughnut Day.

Participating Locations:
• 4760 Los Coyotes Diagnol in Long Beach
• 1199 W. Artesia Boulevard in Gardena
• 4034 Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles
• 4485 Mills Circle in Ontario
• 330 City Drive South in Orange
• 1548 Azusa Avenue in City of Industry
• 1521 North Victory Place in Burbank
• 4180 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard in San Diego
• 25802 El Paseo Avenue in Mission Viejo
• 1231 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica
• 2305 Otay Lakes Road Suite 206 in Chula Vista

Enjoy your free tasty treat, SoCal...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oatmeal Wednesdays

If you've tried the steel-cut oatmeal from Jamba Juice and like it, you'll definitely like this:

Every Wednesday in the Month of January, Jamba Juice is offering their oatmeal for $1! Plus applicable sales tax, of course.


Friday, January 08, 2010

Cake Balls

It's weird for a title, I know. But that's what these creations are called. I know you can make fact all you need to do is bake up a cake (boxed is fine), roughly crumble it up and mix it with a can of icing (more or less to your own taste/desire), roll the mixture into balls, and dip them in chocolate! Or white chocolate. Or cover with fondant if you're ambitious. Search for a recipe on the web and you'll find them all over (like on All Recipes).

OR...if you're lazy and have money to burn (or if you have a sister who has a free day on the weekend), you can have someone make fancy ones for you! :) A company called The Cake Ball Company (imagine that) makes these desserts and will ship them to you. If you're in Texas, they've even invited you to their production facilities. They are fancier looking than ones that the lazy people will make at home...and they have lots of flavors to choose from. Find them here or (occasionally) at Neiman Marcus online.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Disneyland for free

Yes, Disneyland is offering up free tickets again this year.

Last year, you just had to be born...but this year, you have to work for the tickets. You have to get involved in community service activities, which you should be involved in anyway! Unfortunately, not all community service projects will get you these tickets. You have to pick a project that is with one of the participating service organizations.

It's not bad at all, though. Give a day of community service, and get a free ticket to Disneyland! You can feel good about what you've done, and you get rewarded with a day to 'the happiest place on earth!'

Good plan, Disney. Way to teach everyone about community service.

Click here for details.

Happy New Year! From Baskin Robbins

...and me too...

Baskin Robbins announced a special to welcome in the new year. Buy a 4 oz. scoop of ice cream, and add a second scoop for 99 cents!

Plus, they have a new flavor - Dulce de Leche.

I've got a special to offer too! If you happen to get ice cream from me, it's likely that you can add scoop for free. But that's only as long as supplies last and if you can find where I keep the ice cream! :)

Hope you have a sweet new year.