Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rosegreen - New Flavor!

Rosegreen has a new flavor of frozen yogurt - PEACH!
Try it! It's so good.

Plus, they have their 1st anniversary deal:
Buy one medium with three toppings, get one small plain free.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Loma Linda University - The Clinic

Third year students from Loma Linda University's School of Dentistry present their version of "The Office." Good job guys! :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nose News

My nephew headbutted me yesterday - in the nose. It hurt pretty bad (he has a hard head!) but the pain went away shortly after that.

BUT...later that evening, I realized that it still hurt when I touched my nose. It feels like it's bruised, but doesn't look like it...yet! So if you see me and my nose is black and blue...that's the story behind it.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Craving Churros...

Since I had the stomach flu, my appetite hasn't been normal. I crave french fries a couple times a week, but when I actually see them or smell them cooking, my stomach starts to turn and I start feeling nauseated. I went to a birthday party today and only ate half a brownie. I'm so sad...this fat kid likes to eat!!! How am I going to eat if food isn't appetizing anymore?!

Well, the answer to that is that I need to eat what I'm craving when I'm actually craving something. This weekend, I decided that churros sounded good. So my brother found a recipe for me. We had to go to Michael's to find the right piping attachment to make the churros look like churros. Lemme tell ya...they were pretty good! Plus, my brother made this chocolate sauce (it was supposed to be Mexican chocolate - like hot chocolate - for dipping...but he added more chocolate and thickened it up a little more) and the churros went from being pretty good to being pretty awesome!

Wish I would've taken a picture...but they got eaten pretty fast. Sorry. Maybe next time...
And according to my grandfather...there WILL BE a next time. (Guess he's a fan of the homemade churro!) :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pinkberry News

Pinkberry has added a new flavor of frozen yogurt AND a new topping!

The new flavor is...COFFEE!!
The new topping is...CHESTNUTS!!

When the cashier first told us that they have chestnuts available as a topping, I heard "Water Chestnuts." I probably need to work on my listening skills...

My brother tried the combination and he said it's pretty darn good.

We both send our compliments to whoever has to peel those chestnuts... :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Smurf News

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the Smurfs will be starring in a new movie!

Info here...

Can't wait!! My friends in high school used to call me Smurfette because I was short compared to them. Haha...

Friday, January 11, 2008

NBA Replay

Since Stephen Colbert can't deliver his Sport Report due to lack of a writing staff, I'm stepping in to report some sports news...

The Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat are going to replay the last 51.9 seconds of a game originally played on December 19, 2007, in which the Hawks won (117-111) in OT. This hasn't happened since 1982, so if you don't believe me, well...I don't blame you. BUT, you can read it for yourself here!

Josh Smith, one of the Atlanta Hawks, can't play because he had fouled out by that point in the original game. So sorry if you're a Josh Smith fan. But don't worry, you'll see him play right after that...with the slate wiped clean.

Interestingly, Pat Riley has been involved in this kind of shenanigan before - back in 82-83...and again in the 07-08 season! How does he do it....???

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Cold...and Time for Ice Cream

Baskin Robbins is enticing me again...with their Ice Cream + More Sugar concoctions!

Yummm....they now have a Chocolate Truffle Shake, a Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Sundae, and Fudge Crunch Cakes (copying Carvel ice cream cakes).

Yeah, like it's not enough that my family devoured an entire cow last week...(Oh, yeah, we had 3 racks of ribs, brisket, and tri-tip at Lucille's - the $300 family meal)...we have to finish off all the cow's milk in the form of macaroni and cheese, and cream.

Poor Cow...

Monday, January 07, 2008

Lucille's BBQ

I don't eat red meat, and some people think it's sad, and some people think it's dumb. Actually, I do get sad when I smell Korean BBQ or when I pass by Arby's. Anyway, ever since Lucille's BBQ opened in Victoria Gardens, I've wanted to go there.

No, not to eat ribs, although they did smell really good. They have chicken and other things, people! I've been there twice in the past week!! I'm completely content sitting there with their biscuits (with their spiced butter) and mashed potatoes while everyone else enjoys the meat. Plus, it's fun to be the not-so-messy eater at the table while everyone is getting sauce all over their faces. Hehe...

So if you ever want to go to Lucille's, I'm so there!! :)

Friday, January 04, 2008

The Brother

To continue the story about my Norovirus brother has enjoyed this quite a bit more than I have. Just for clarification, the effects of the Norovirus includes more than just vomiting. Look it up for more detail.

Here are a couple clips from his comedy based on my experience...

Bro: Hey, want to know what I can do that you can't do?
Me: [just stares at him]
Bro: [lets out a big fart] Hahahahahahahahahahaha.....

Bro pours a glass of Gatorade for himself and for me.
Me: [picking up the bottle of Gatorade] I know that I didn't finish all of this by myself...
Bro: Yeah, I know. I drank it too. It would've been wasted on you...either way.
Me: [tries to hit him]
Bro: Don't make me juice you!

Happy New Year!

First post of the new year...four days into the new year. Sounds like I've been pretty busy, huh? Well, I have been! Holidays and family have kept me busy, but most importantly, I was one of the lucky participants in the Norovirus outbreak 2008! I got sick on January 2, then spent all of yesterday in bed. I'm up today and feeling human again.

If you happen to be looking for Gatorade and can't find any, it's probably because that's all I've had for the past few days, and I probably caused the shortage. :)

Anyhow, happy new year!