Sunday, September 23, 2007

San Diego Junior Food Tour

So, a few of us were down in San Diego for a few days and decided to make a little food tour out of it. The two establishments worth mentioning are...Sammy's Woodfired Pizza and MaggieMoo's Ice Cream and Treatery.

According to my fellow diners, the Mahi Mahi Tacos were the best they've ever had, and the BBQ chicken pizza was pretty awesome - CPK-esque, but a more smokey barbeque sauce and big chunks of chicken instead of the slices that CPK adds. They're also known for their Messy Sundae...and their Kobe Beef sliders! This is what our plates looked like after the meal...

MaggieMoo's is similar to ColdStone Creamery - without the unnecessary complicated ordering system - and more base flavors to choose from. They also specialize in ice cream cupcakes!

Ice cream cupcakes. What a concept. Gonna have to try to make those...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Beacon (Asian Cafe - Los Angeles)

That's actually the name of the next restaurant that I need to try. Okay, Los Angeles food bloggers...any of you who have been here, let me know what you thought! Unless you think I should go there having heard no opinions.

For you all that are curious about the place, check it here.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Baboon and The Chicken

Man, these are starting to sound like Aesop's Fables! But they're not. They're real stories about the monkey community.

A baboon in a Lithuanian zoo has taken a chicken under his "wing" (I'm so clever!). The chicken was going to become food for other zoo residents, but he ran away and found safety with Mr. Baboon. Read more here...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Free Popcorn!

October is National Popcorn Month!

To celebrate, Dale & Thomas is offering free popcorn - all you need to do is pay for shipping. Unfortunately, all of their stores are on the East Coast, so West Coasters, this is how you can get your gourmet popcorn fix! :)

They'll start shipping on October 1 (the official start of the Popcorn Month), but you can place your order now so you don't miss out.

Just clicky clicky for free popcorn!

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Monkey and the Pigeon

You read that's a monkey story!!! Yes, I know, I haven't posted one in a while, but's been slow monkey news lately.

This baby monkey (a macaque...I think these monkeys are publicity whores) was abandoned by his mother and was rescued by an animal sanctuary in China. While his physical health improved, he was still depressed...until he found a friend... sweet! Baby Macaque is not so sad anymore! :)
Read more here.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Dollyrots

Okay, this is kind of old news...but I meant to post it, so I'm gonna.

My sister's friend is in a band (The Dollyrots), and their song (Because I'm Awesome) was picked up by Kohl's to use in their new back-to-school commercial. Her friend, Luis, is the guy with blue hair :)


Want to see more Dollyrots? They'll be on GREEK on ABC on September 10 - check your TV Guide for times.

Back to the Future - Goodbye!

On Labor Day this year, we headed out to Universal Studios (Hollywood) to ride Back to the Future: The Ride for the last time before they closed the ride. We were lucky enough to get priority passes, so we waited until the park was almost closed before we jumped into line. As the crew member led us into the waiting room, he gave us the heads-up that it was 9 minutes until the ride closed. When we got into the De Lorean, I realized that I didn't remember ever riding this I guess it was the first and last time for me. When the ride was finished, we walked outside and saw that the line was closed and a news crew was gathered in front of the entrance to take shots of this:

It was NBC, and I think my brother got in their shots, but none of us watched the news that night, so I guess we'll never know... :) So goodbye to Back to the Future: The Ride - now we're just waiting for The Simpsons Ride!

For the girls...

For you girls out there...I've added the Purse Buzz link for make-up and hair tips, deals, and freebies. Enjoy! :)

Air Guitars

A few years ago, I asked some people to start an air band with me. (I think it was inspired by David Spade on Just Shoot Me.) We made plans to start the air band, but never actually practiced. Little did I know that I could've been a great success all on my an air guitar soloist...hahahaha!!!

A Japanese man won the Air Guitar World Championship for the second year in a row. Check it out if you so wish (warning: you may ask for those few seconds back). Oh, but what made me wonder was that this guy won a REAL guitar! What in the world is he going to do with a REAL guitar? He plays AIR guitar!!!!!