Saturday, September 08, 2007

Back to the Future - Goodbye!

On Labor Day this year, we headed out to Universal Studios (Hollywood) to ride Back to the Future: The Ride for the last time before they closed the ride. We were lucky enough to get priority passes, so we waited until the park was almost closed before we jumped into line. As the crew member led us into the waiting room, he gave us the heads-up that it was 9 minutes until the ride closed. When we got into the De Lorean, I realized that I didn't remember ever riding this I guess it was the first and last time for me. When the ride was finished, we walked outside and saw that the line was closed and a news crew was gathered in front of the entrance to take shots of this:

It was NBC, and I think my brother got in their shots, but none of us watched the news that night, so I guess we'll never know... :) So goodbye to Back to the Future: The Ride - now we're just waiting for The Simpsons Ride!

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