Monday, July 20, 2009

Village Pizzeria

I just came from a trip to San Diego with the family, and while I love my NY pizza, I think I found a West Coast fix! Yay for me!

For a while, my brother has been telling me about a pizzeria in San Diego (more specifically, on Coronado) that ships NY bottled water to make their NY pizza crust! One of the girls from work also raved about the same place, so I had to try it. The name? Village Pizzeria.

We ordered: Pizza, their caprese sandwich, fried zucchini, mud pie, and zeppoli. Yummm....

As we drove over the bridge to leave Coronado, I was already planning my trip back.
Luckily I have a conference there in October!

1 comment:

jan-holly (ading) said...

the caprese sandwich = YUM
the mud pie = good..well the ice cream was pretty strongly coffee-flavored so it was good but it was like half melted when they gave it to us