Monday, November 09, 2009

Pizza Party

I celebrated my birthday this year with a pizza party. Sounds simple, but it was probably a big pain for my family to deal with. This party involved pizzas from all over - from Chicago to LA.

Lou Malnahti's deep dish Chicago pizza straight from Chicago.
Round Table Pizza's Gourmet Veggie pizza - ooh garlic and veggies.
Domino's Regular Cheese Pizza and Thin Crust Veggie Pizza
Numero Uno's Thick Crust Cheese Pizza
Brownstone's NY style Pizza
Gourmet Pizza Shoppe's Dessert Pizzas

Add to that a sampling of Portillo's Italian Beef Sandwiches - both sweet and hot - plus other sides, desserts, and lime punch!

Total carb overload. Hopefully I'll get a picture of this smorgasbord and post it.

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