Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ben & Jerry's New Flavor - Maple Blondie

I love new ice cream flavors, and Ben & Jerry just created Maple Blondie (description here and below)! They have timed this just right - it's time for me to replenish my ice cream supply.

In the words of Ben & Jerry (well, their email, at least):
Our new limited batch flavor is inspired by Hannah Teter, her Olympic Gold Medal & her mission to make a difference! It's Maple Ice Cream with Blonde Brownie Chunks & a Maple Caramel Swirl. It's available in scoop shops & starting in December, it'll be in grocery stores near you.


Duane said...

They should have made a flavor for that Jacobellis girl, a while back - and called it "Taste of Defeat" - a vanilla "snow" ice cream, with a "bitter" sweet chocolate "splatter" that tantalizes the taste buds up until that final moment where it falls flat on its rear end and fails to win you over.

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Coco said...
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