Friday, March 12, 2010

The Sugar-Free Experience

This week, I went 5 days without sugar (or sugar substitutes). Why would I do this? Because I know I'm addicted to refined sugar...and this is the time of year when candy is available everywhere I turn... I had to go back to eating fruits and vegetables.

The result? An increase in my salt intake...I wonder how my blood pressure is. Another result...the better result is...after having sugar withdrawal headaches over the past two days, I think that I've broken my addiction to refined sugar! Today's the day that I can actually go back to eating sweets, and I don't have a craving for them. In fact, I'm very happy snacking on the nuts that I still need to finish up.

Actually, the thing I missed more than candy was SAUCE! I love my ketchup and salad dressings...and I couldn't have them this week. Good thing I had invested in awesome (expensive) balsamic vinegar. I think this helped keep me sane.

One of the girls here at work baked me brownies to celebrate my homecoming to sugar, and they haven't been much of a temptation sitting on my desk.

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