Monday, April 12, 2010

Review: Pinkberry Cones

I was so excited to get a Pinkberry cone this weekend. But bad service combined with an unexpected product has led to this advice for you: If you're going to get Pinkberry, don't get it in a cone.

This is what happens...

They will ask you what topping you want, and fill the bottom of the cone with it (a cake cup cone), then swirl the equivalent of a Mini on top of the "toppings" (which are now...bottom-ings?!). The problem? The frozen yogurt is sitting on top of a shallow base and doesn't stick too much, so if you lick the yogurt, it will move. Mine moved from the cone to my purse. ARGH! What a mess.

I think my best suggestion would be...if you REALLY want the cone, ask for it on the side. Hopefully they'll do that for you. You'll enjoy the experience more, and your clothes/car/purse/surroundings will be safer too.

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