Saturday, October 02, 2010

Hollywood Food Tour

This day started off as a simple hot dog run - at Skooby's in Hollywood.

So after buying 3 hot dogs, 2 cheesesteaks, 2 boxes of fries (one cheese, one garlic), and 2 lemonades, I mention that Magnolia's Bakery is just a few miles away. My mom says "Sure, I haven't seen it yet." Off we went.

Three cupcakes, one Magic cookie bar, and one large banana pudding later, we decide that we've purchased too much. But, we had seen another cupcake shop on the way to Magnolia's...AND my sissy remembers that they make ICE CREAM CUPCAKES!! No, not like the Coldstone Creamery cupcakes, but real cupcakes filled with ice cream and properly frosted. Off we went.

The plan was to get three cupcakes...I mean, four...I mean, five...yes, FIVE cupcakes...and a salted caramel hi-top (mini cupcake served whoopie pie style)...and two ice cream cupcakes (one chocolate with mint chip, one vanilla with strawberry). We realize that we bought too much sugar and it was time to go home, but I realize that I had to pick up my order from The Kitchen in Pasadena: one dozen ginger creams. Off we went.

We go to pick up the ginger creams and their tiramisu is in their case - chillin' and staring at me. Finally, after failing me all day, my will power kicked in. Yay! I passed! Time to go home! Off we went.

This was the dining room table when we got home...

...and that was just dessert!

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