Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Celebrity Duets - Day 1

I know. Usually I'm more clever with my titles, but my brain hurts too much from all the bad singing I heard last night. In this competition of "Celebrity Duets," non-singing celebrities are paired with music legends, and are judged on their performances. Who are the judges, you ask?

Marie Osmond, Little Richard, and the amazing David Foster. (I'm reconsidering my use of the word "amazing.")

All three are/were HUGE in the music business, but I can't figure out what the heck they were listening to last night. Did they have a different feed than the television audience? Did ProTools play a part in this deceptive game?

My first complaint: Carly Patterson - formerly small, formerly of the tumbling world. She sang "Somewhere Out There" and was lucky enough to be singing it with James Ingram - but WTF?! Fievel sang it better than she did! What a waste of Mr. Ingram's time and talent. And then he had to LIE to say that she did well!!!!!!!!!! OH COME ON! Then the judges agreed with him...saying that she needed to work a little on her pitch, but otherwise it was great. Even David Foster.


OH, I'm sorry...this is too exhausting. I'll have to continue this later...stay tuned.

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