Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pluto's Identity Crisis...and Fluffy

Pluto AGAIN is in the news...the poor thing has been demoted yet again. Now, instead of calling it a dwarf planet, they are classifying it as an asteroid and taking away its name! No more "Pluto" - it is now just a number. 134340, to be exact. That's like Americans' names being replaced by their Social Security numbers.

In an attempt to make Pluto feel better about the demotion, they've added 2,224 new objects to Pluto's class. Yes, Pluto, they don't want you to feel that you're all alone in your minor planet/asteroid/comet class.

Great non-Pluto news, though! They've discovered a fluffy planet! Just what the universe needs right now. With all of the harsh name-calling that's going on amongst the astrophysicists, they were missing the "fluffy" and "puffy" words. This should bring balance to the force...

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