Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dolphin Needs a Phake Phlipper

I guess Phlorida's done playing with the manitees and they've moved on to dolphins.
Winter, a 3-month-old baby dolphin, got caught in some phishing line. As she struggled to get away, it tightened around her tail and cut off the blood supply to her tail. Long story short: it fell off and she needs a new one.

Anyone have one handy?

If not, they're going to spend $100,000+ to make a prosthetic one for her. Maybe you can lend your sculpting skills and get your cut of the money!!!

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ading (jan-holl) said...

and in other missing-body-parts news:

Chinese surgeons report penis transplant
POSTED: 4:13 p.m. EDT, September 19, 2006

(AP) -- Chinese doctors say they successfully transplanted a penis on a man who lost his own in an accident, but had to remove it two weeks later because of psychological problems experienced by the man and his wife.

more at http://www.cnn.com/2006/HEALTH/09/19/penis.transplant.ap/index.html

yeah, you're welcome.