Wednesday, October 25, 2006

An Epiphany...and a Question


That wasn't an attempt at hip-speak...this is really about PIZZA. More specifically, my issues with pizza consumption. I don't understand how people like cold pizza. I've heard so many of my friends tell me that they love leftover pizza and that cold pizza is great.

I heartily disagree. In fact, I had leftover pizza yesterday (I even heated it to give it an advantage), and I was NOT impressed. I've also taken it to the extreme. My sister dared me to take a bite of frozen pizza (Jeno's, to be exact) - and that was gross too. Got me $5, though. She dared my brother to take a bite of frozen pizza too, except his was Stouffer's French Bread Pizza, and he was grossed out too.

Why doesn't everyone eat pizza the way it was intended to be eaten - hot, straight out of the oven?


ading (jan-holly) said...


upon review of what appears to be credible video evidence of this alleged incident, it appears that cj's pizza was in fact jeno's, while, if memory serves me well, yours was numero uno or something.

nikki said...

You are correct. Thank you for reviewing the video and providing the facts. We should put that on YouTube - with the ice cream theft video.