Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Idiotic Psychology

Most people who have attended college have taken General Psychology. It's a general education course required of most students, so they take it. So why in the world do people with degrees in Psychology think that they can pull off their psychological tricks (i.e., reverse psychology, transfer of responsibility, etc.) on the general public? It just doesn't make sense.

AND...the higher the degree, the less common sense they possess. (If you must know, I am ranting because a certain person with a Ph.D in Psychology is playing these STUPID games with me and I am so very irritated.) They kill the "common sense" brain cells to make room for the things they read in books...and maybe some air to take up the rest of the space.

No wonder Stephen Colbert (a.k.a., Dr. Stephen Colbert, D.F.A.) doesn't trust books. They (the books) are on a mission to rid the world of common sense!


1 comment:

Mark said...

The more letters they have behind their name the dumber they get.

Its quite sad actually, they pay all of that money for schools to make them retarded in the real world.