Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Let Us Eat Lettuce!!!!

The latest Taco Bell/E. coli accusation has been aimed at lettuce.

One of the least nutritious vegetables (possibly the least nutritious), lettuce doesn't have much going for it. Yes, it is green and crisp, and makes one feel like they are getting their day's worth of vegetables; however, it's mostly water and not much else.

Why couldn't they just leave the lettuce alone? I was happy with the scallion scare. Personally, I don't need the garnish! Poor lettuce.

Wasn't the spinach scare enough? There are STILL bags of pre-packaged, ready to eat salads that have stickers claiming "Contains NO Spinach." What's next? Packages of ready-to-eat salads that claim "Contains NO LETTUCE"?!

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