Monday, August 13, 2007

New Snack: The Oreo Cakester

I'm lazy (this is a gross understatement...I'm close to being the epitome of lazy) and my doctor knows that. So recently, she asked me to exercise more...since I had an exercise bike in front of the TV. I've been good and listening to my doctor...I've actually worked out four time a week since then! You all should be so proud...

To counter this change in my lifestyle (you know, to bring balance back into my life), Nabisco has been kind enough to introduce a new product into my life - the Oreo Cakester. My sissy and I bought a box and tried it yesterday. Imagine an Oreo cookie sandwich, but with fluffy Oreo cake instead of the crunchy cookies, and a fluffier filling. It's sweet, but good! Definitely not for kids unless you want to get a workout chasing them.

Now I can't get the Oreo jingle out of my head... You can sing along - I know you want to!

"Oh, oh, cold milk and an Oreo cookie..."

BTW, if you don't like the voice of the guy that sings the jingle, sing it yourself and win $10,000! :)

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