Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thrifty's Ice Cream

I LOVE this stuff! And I can't believe that there are people in this world who eat ice cream and have never heard of Thrifty's. Apparently, there are enough for me to start a list. If you find yourself on this list, that's pretty sad. Just to shield them from complete humiliation, I will only use their first name and last initial.

1. Stephanie L.
2. K.C. L.
3. LuxeAficionada

If you haven't tried Thrifty's Ice Cream, you need to be on this list. Drop me a comment and I'll add you. Who knows...maybe I'll send you a little gift...then I will be able to take you off this list! :) No liars allowed.

Oh, and if you comment and tell me your favorite Thrifty's flavor, you too may receive a nice little gift! Depends on the temperature out here in Loma Linda. If it's hot enough, maybe I'll buy you some ice cream :)

UPDATE: Too bad for the rest of y'all. The Free Ice Cream Bank is now CLOSED.


Mark said...

Cookies n cream, and it is currently 99 degrees here. :-)

dopey said...

what if i'm not from loma? boo. chocolate malted crunch. definitely.

LuxeAficionada said...

where do oyu buy thrifty's ice cream?

nikki said...

mark & dopey...your gift is on its way :) lux, do you have a rite aid near you? if you do, let me know how i can send something to ya! :)

Anonymous said...

I have looked for Thrifty Ice Cream here in AZ for years. I recently found a little bitty stand in Cordes Junction, AZ on the way to Prescott. It use to be made here in Phoenix somewhere along Grand Avenue. Anyone know where we can get it? Especially love their black cherry!

Anonymous said...

Where can i buy thriftys Mint N Chip, i haven't had it since i was a kid and it was like eatting a lil slice of heaven

Anonymous said...

Where to buy in Arizona -



(602) 957-0025

They are open til 10pm daily & 11 on the weekends.

I get my Thrifty IC fix delivered, ordering some now actually....hope this helps someone!