Monday, January 07, 2008

Lucille's BBQ

I don't eat red meat, and some people think it's sad, and some people think it's dumb. Actually, I do get sad when I smell Korean BBQ or when I pass by Arby's. Anyway, ever since Lucille's BBQ opened in Victoria Gardens, I've wanted to go there.

No, not to eat ribs, although they did smell really good. They have chicken and other things, people! I've been there twice in the past week!! I'm completely content sitting there with their biscuits (with their spiced butter) and mashed potatoes while everyone else enjoys the meat. Plus, it's fun to be the not-so-messy eater at the table while everyone is getting sauce all over their faces. Hehe...

So if you ever want to go to Lucille's, I'm so there!! :)

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