Sunday, January 20, 2008

Craving Churros...

Since I had the stomach flu, my appetite hasn't been normal. I crave french fries a couple times a week, but when I actually see them or smell them cooking, my stomach starts to turn and I start feeling nauseated. I went to a birthday party today and only ate half a brownie. I'm so sad...this fat kid likes to eat!!! How am I going to eat if food isn't appetizing anymore?!

Well, the answer to that is that I need to eat what I'm craving when I'm actually craving something. This weekend, I decided that churros sounded good. So my brother found a recipe for me. We had to go to Michael's to find the right piping attachment to make the churros look like churros. Lemme tell ya...they were pretty good! Plus, my brother made this chocolate sauce (it was supposed to be Mexican chocolate - like hot chocolate - for dipping...but he added more chocolate and thickened it up a little more) and the churros went from being pretty good to being pretty awesome!

Wish I would've taken a picture...but they got eaten pretty fast. Sorry. Maybe next time...
And according to my grandfather...there WILL BE a next time. (Guess he's a fan of the homemade churro!) :)

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