Friday, June 13, 2008

Toy Story Mania

A few of us were lucky enough to get tickets to preview the new Toy Story Mania ride/game at Disney's California Adventure this past Tuesday night. KOST (the local radio station that likes to supply me with occasional gifts) gave away a few thousand tickets to this party.

We stood in line for a little more than an hour and a the exclusive private party...we were bored to death for most of the time. The Disney cast members tried to give us some hope by saying that they have already predicted a three hour wait when the ride opens for the public. They were even kind enough to point out to us how where they would direct the maze of a line (all the way to Ariel's Grotto).

Aside from the looooong wait, the ride/game was really good! I though it would be something similar to the Buzz Lightyear ride in Disneyland, and in many aspects, it is. You ride in pairs, but there are four people in each car - the pairs are back to back, and you can't see or talk to the people riding on the other side of your car. You're also wearing a pair of 3D glasses while you zip around to play the game. All the games are essentially the same - just different settings. You shoot targets, animals, plates, and martians, among other things. You can see your score and accuracy on the monitor in your car. And at the end, they show you the highest scores of the day and high score of the month - yes, the cheater scores that are truly impossible to reach.

So, it's a thumbs-up from me. I just hope you have some luck and don't have to wait in such an incredibly long line. And I hope you don't get a higher score than me. (No, not telling you my score, because that will just compel you to try to beat me.)

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jan-holl (ading) said...

thumbs up from me too. but i wouldn't be too keen to go again if the line was more than....say......20 minutes. well maybe 25 minutes. and yeah i said keen.