Saturday, December 13, 2008

Man vs. Food

The holidays are in full swing. If you haven't already recovered from your Thanksgiving dinner, you don't have much time left before Christmas hits! My Christmas celebrations start next week. Ahhh, the holiday food challenge. With so much food at the different parties, how does one tackle it all? Sorry - no answers here...I haven't figured it out for myself! Besides, that's not what this post is about.

Have you ever been in a restaurant that issues food challenges to their patrons? For example, those restaurants that have huge burgers/sandwiches/pizzas and will pay for your food if you can finish it? The closest that I've gotten to trying one of these is buying a Vermonster from Ben & Jerry's for my sister and her friends and helping them eat it.

ANYWAY, there's this guy - Adam Richman - who has made it his mission in life to complete as many of these challenges as possible. His reward? The Travel Channel gave him his own show, Man vs. Food, which puts his never-ending appetite on TV for your viewing pleasure!

I wonder if he'll ever come to Los Angeles...

Happy eating!

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