Thursday, December 04, 2008

Survived Black Friday!

Black Friday is usually the time when people start buying gifts for those on their Christmas lists. This year, my Black Friday was completely self-serving. The highlight? I bought myself a vacuum. Think that's a weird highlight? Obviously, you don't know me very well. Those who know me know about me obsession with cleaning and cleaning products. I think I've vacuumed every night since I've opened it up and put it together!

Even with all of the vacuuming, I've made time to it's allllllllll good! :)


Anonymous said...

um, what vacuum did you get? and guess what my verification word for this comment is? it is "amelikes" - AHH, ME LIKES! ahhsum!

dopey said...

if you want, you can bring your vacuum over to vacuum our house. ;)