Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've Gone Ice Cream Crazy!

Since Haagen-Dazs announced that they would be changing their packaging from 1 pint to 14 oz., I've been kinda bummed. I mean, I can understand that everyone's trying to keep in the black, and sometimes the product has to change in order for companies to do that, but STILL! Kinda hurt my feelings. But Ben & Jerry's quickly cheered me up with their announcement that they plan to stay with their 1 pint packages.

So what did I do to deal with this little ice cream drama? Bought 7 pints. After I had just bought 1 quart of Haagen-Dazs chocolate. Here is the shopping list:

2 pints of Caramel Cone (Haagen-Dazs) - got'em! BEFORE they moved it to 14 oz.
1 pint of Gingersnap (New Ben & Jerry's) - hoping it's great! It's a limited edition...
1 pint of Mint Chocolate Cookie (Ben & Jerry's) - my sissy's ultimate favorite
1 pint of Half-Baked (Ben & Jerry's) - one of the sissy's faves
1 pint of Chunky Monkey (Ben & Jerry's) - classic, right?
1 pint of Blackberry Cabernet (Ciao Bella) - oh man, hope it's like the gelato from Spitz...then I can mix it with my Haagen-Dazs chocolate
And a single cup of Cherry Garcia (Ben & Jerry's) to complete the classic duo.

If you don't believe it, you just don't know!! Check it out:Now the question is...how much of this am I going to share? :)


jan-holly (ading) said...

u forgot to mention that u still had popsicles in ur freezer when u bought all this ice cream.. theyre in the picture on top of the ciao bella, big stick cherry/pineapple

boohahah said...

dude... you know how they make "sucides" with soda drinks.... you should totally make a "sucide icecream shake!"