Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shaved Ice in Glendale

Stewie's Shave Ice is now open to satisfy your shaved ice cravings. It's a little different from Get Shaved Ice (you don't have to chase it down, the flavors are different, and the options are a little different), but the ice is still like snow!

Check them out by clicking here. Pictures to follow...


Anonymous said...

I took my girlfriend here about a week ago and I was really unsatisfied. Besides the fact that i got horrible customer service I was definetly not pleased with the shave ice I recieved. I thought I was going to get something similar to what i would get in hawaii but i was just setting myself up for great disappointment! I wasn't the only one who was not pleased with the shave ice so was my girlfriend.

REALLY EXPENSIVE for ice, water, and sugar water!!!The mochi topping was really salty for some akward reason. This place won't be here for long guarenteed!

I would recommend everyone to go to L&L Hawaiian BBQ which is located in the market place right across the street from this disaster place at 136 S. Brand Blvd. They have real authentic Hawaiian shave ice coming from an authentic hawaiian restaurant. ALOT CHEAPER and the employees are alot more friendlier. You will get a smile with your shave ice and will leave with a smile! Ask for red bean on the bottom, I love that stuff!!! And if you are actually from Hawaii throw in a spam musubi. Can't go wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

I was here today with my daughter, and I had a very pleasant experience. The shaved ice comes in three sizes (small, medium and large). We ordered the small cake flavored shaved ice. It was a huge serving. I appreciated the fact that the flavoring was evenly distributed instead of all at the top.

It's a nice addition to Americana. It's adjacent to Granville Cafe.

Yes, it's shaved ice-a relatively simple dessert. But Stewie's makes it more than just eating shaved ice. It makes it a happy experience.

I read the comment above me. I thought the customer service was outstanding.