Saturday, June 19, 2010

Frozen Crush & Get Shaved Ice

My sissy found this place called Frozen Crush out in Northridge, so we decided to try it today. It's a store that looks like a gelato shop, but the displays are filled with Italian Ice. It's another option in frozen desserts (you know, like frozen yogurt or ice cream). My sissy got hers swirled with their frozen yogurt (a creamy soft serve, and not tart), and I got the flavors of a Bomb Pop (remember those?! If you don't, it's blue raspberry, cherry, and lemon). If you find that you can't live without it, they cater with their Crush Cart.

Since we were out in Northridge, we decided to go to the Get Shaved Ice non-truck location. Their menu offerings are slightly different - menu here. My brother got an ice cream sandwich (their cookies were homemade and they had a good selection of ice cream for a store of their size), and my sister and I got shave ice. They also do shakes! Yum.

Total sugar overload.

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