Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Ultimate Food Truck Day

Let me just preface this entry by saying that YES, I AM A FAT KID. That being said, here is how the day went...

Breakfast: The Buttermilk Truck
They were in Echo Park, just 10 minutes away, so how could I NOT go? I came away with three orders of their pancake bites (6 mini pancakes per order - red velvet chocolate chip, almond, and blueberry), and one order of their Hawaiian french toast.

Lunch: Delicious home cookin' courtesy of my mom

Afternoon Snack: Frysmith (the french fry truck)They, too, were about 10 minutes away, so again I was obligated to go. This time my mom and cousin joined me. We ate our own fry orders there and took three for the sibs at home.
Evening Snack: Stewie's Shave Ice
My sissy and I took our niece and nephews to get shave ice (snow cones, in kid-speak) at the Americana at Brand. Five orders of shave ice for us and two to go for my bros.

Second Evening Snack: Komodo Truck
After dropping our niece and nephews off, my sissy suggests going home via sidestreet so we can see if the Komodo Truck is still there (she spotted them turning onto Colorado Blvd earlier in the day). Sure enough, they were there and serving it all up. Steak tacos, chicken tacos, garlic fries, truffle fries....all really good.

More pictures to follow...

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