Monday, January 22, 2007

Where's the Moon?

That's my favorite question to ask my nieces and nephews when they're first learning how to talk. Especially if I know it's a new moon! Then I know I'll be able to have a pretty long conversation with the kid...

Me: Where's the moon?
Kid: (Looks up and starts looking...) Moon?
Me: Can you see the moon?
Kid: (Looking back and forth in the sky) Moon?
Me: Is it over there?
Kid: (Still looking for the frickin' moon that Auntie's talking about!) Mmm??
Me: Do you see the moon?
Kid: (Looks at me for help) Moon?
Me: Where? Do you see it?
Kid: (Spotting the lights of a plane - it never fails!) Dere!!!!!!!!!
Me: That's not the moon - it's too small. That's an airplane...
Kid: Plane?
Me: Yep. Where's the moon?
(AND...we start again from the beginning...) You can read it as many times as you'd like...

Anyway, the subject is the moon...which is in the news today! But it's sad news :( Scientists believe that the moon will eventually disintegrate. If/When it does go away...I hope the kids don't catch on!!! Otherwise I'll have to find another topic of conversation....

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