Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Los Angeles Food Tour - July 2007

My mom, sister and cousin decided to take a little drive through Los Angeles this weekend to get ourselves Pinkberry and some cupcakes. As the cupcakes needed to be refrigerated, we went to Pinkberry first. The three others went to Pinkberry while ran into Beard Papa's right across the street - I decided that we needed some cream puffs from there. From there we went to Dainties Cupcakes to get some chocolate cupcakes with fresh whipped cream. Wow...a lot of sugar, huh?

On the way home, we decided to take the scenic route and drive through Beverly Hills...and managed to resist the temptation of Sprinkles (yummm...more cupcakes...the LA version of Magnolia Bakery in NY). But as we drove into Hollywood, my cousin got a craving for Filipino food. First pancit, then halo-halo, then chicken siopao. She said "chicken" just as I got to Sunset, which is a coincidence because Pioneer Chicken AND United Bakery (makers of some of the best siopao in Los Angeles) are both on Sunset. So, of course, we had to get some Pioneer Chicken and siopao. OKAY FAT KIDS - ENOUGH FOOD! Right? Right...

Finally, we start driving home when we all start talking about pandesal...and Betsy's Bakery is right down the street. My mom decides - yes, we should stop there and get some. Sadly, they did not have hot pandesal and we had to settle for some that was freshly baked...an hour before we got there. NOW we could go home.

And yes, we did make it home. We got home and unloaded all of the food from the car and decided to go to the mall....where there is more food. My brother called and said, "Hey, I heard you're in a place where there is some good food." This translated into "there's no food for dinner at home - let's go get Chinese Chicken Salad!" Yay Bread Winner - Glendale Galleria. Yum.

This is where our journey ended...it HAD to! And the only reason is because we now have no more room for food in our kitchen. The End!

Oh, and I went to Pinkberry again that night. :)

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