Friday, November 02, 2007

My Drivers License Renewal

2:55 - Enter DMV and jump into line, fill out my renewal form, and wait for my turn at the counter.

After I was called, I handed the lady my forms, she updated my information, then said, "Alright...time to test your you wear glasses or contacts?"
Me: "Umm...[squinting]...I was trying to do it without them..." - I had actually even tried practicing at an empty counter before they called my number.
DMV lady: [starting to chuckle] "Oh, okay, go ahead...right up there..."[pointing to the chart on the other side of the building!!]
Me: [thinking, 'awwww, crap, it's too far!!'] "I guess I DO need them."

I've never seen a government employee laugh so hard on the job. It was so nice of her to humor me.

3:12 p.m. - Leave DMV with a new driver's license! I love the DMV! :)

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