Friday, March 21, 2008

My Black Pen and my Voice

I lost both of these things this week. I have been sick (on and off) since the beginning of the year, so I should've seen this coming. Losing my voice was not a huge just doesn't happen very often. But my black pen...ARGH...this is what I am upset about.

I have taken a liking to the Pilot G-2 series of pens because they offer the extra fine points that I like in a pen. I've developed the habit of keeping three colors with me at all times...BUT I ALWAYS LOSE THE BLACK PEN! This is the third one I've lost. I have been able to keep the other two colors. I don't know what to do!!!! I guess I can keep buying them and losing them...but that may become a little expensive.

I'm guessing this is some mean trick that someone is playing on me. And since I lost my voice, I don't have a voice to complain about it...hence the blog vent.

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Anonymous said...

You are not losing them, people keep stealing them, because yes, they are that great!