Saturday, May 03, 2008

Kraft Bagel-fuls

Just when you thought that a delicious breakfast couldn't get any easier, Kraft comes along and introduces Bagel-fuls! Deeeeelicious bagel sticks that are filled with cool Philadelphia cream cheese...yum...

They come in five varieties:

Original cream cheese
Strawberry cream cheese
Cinnamon cream cheese
Chive cream cheese
Whole Grain bagel

Even my nephew likes them. After my sister had him try it, he asked for his own to eat while we were playing with some toys. When he put it down to build something, he looked at me and said, "Don't eat my lunch, okay?" And waited until I agreed before he put his Bagel-ful down. What a kid. What a bagel.

One tip: You'll find Bagel-fuls in the freezer section, but don't keep them in the freezer at home. Keep them in the fridge, and you won't end up with a bagel filled with frozen cream cheese. :)

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