Friday, May 30, 2008

Sunless Tanner Mishap

I bought myself some sunless tanner...Aveno to be exact. Just to put this into perspective (for myself...or maybe so I can have some sort of excuse), I had tried a Jergens sunless tanner before and it didn't work THIS fast!

Aveno is awesome - the one I got was the kind that you can adjust and choose what shade you want to become. So I was following the instructions and didn't think it would work as quickly and well as it did. Anyhow, I saw the results the very next day - and realized that I didn't cover my entire I now have a tannless stripe that extends across both of my legs.

I'm like a neapolitan ice cream sandwich now! And I'm going to a wedding this weekend!Hopefully I'll be able to fix it before the wedding this weekend.

Go ahead and laugh. It's pretty funny.


dopey said...

aw. i forgot to look at your leg last saturday. shucks. i missed it.

jan-holly (ading) said...

it looked like a sock tan..which wouldn't be all that odd except for the fact that she never wears socks.