Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Snack Alert - Chex Mix Bars

Hey all...so this is just a heads-up for all you snackers (but especially for those of you who like Chex Mix)!! Now Chex Mix comes in a snack bar form:

Watch for it in your local snack aisle - hey, you might even see me there buying some! It comes in two varieties - Chocolate Chunk and Turtle.

Turtle - Wheat/Corn Chex cereal, peanuts, pretzels, chocolate and caramel

Chocolate Chunk - chocolate chunks, Wheat/Corn Chex and pretzels

I have coupons if you're interested. Just leave a comment.

1 comment:

jan-holly (ading) said...

dude they are WAY too sweet. not that that's gonna stop me from finishing the box. (wouldn't want to waste.) actually i'll probably end up eating one right after this post.

anyway sorry u can't try the turtle flavor, it's a little better (a little..um..saltier? more salty? u know what i mean) than the chocolate chunk flavor..