Friday, September 26, 2008

Super Mario Bros 2 - on the mallets

I had the privilege of playing percussion (mallets and auxiliary) during my high school and college years. I also spent many of years of my life playing Super Mario Bros - the many iterations of the game. This combination explains why I am so intrigued by this senior recital...Enjoy!


dopey said...

i thought it was pretty cool that the marimba accompanists didn't have music! just the drummer and xylophonist. they must have that special talent. and i love the star interception. ;) she didn't do as well in the speedy encore. haha. this is the flight of the bumblebee i was talking about: .. pretty amazing. and i thought this solo was pretty good: .. aww makes me miss mallets!

Mark said...

I think the "pause" is my favorite part.