Saturday, October 11, 2008

LA Valley Mini Food Tour

I was in the mood for a food tour, so we headed to Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks - the Valley, as it's known in Los Angeles. Destinations? Nata's Portuguese Bakery and Fab's Italian Kitchen.

Nata's Portuguese Bakery

They introduced themselves as the only Portuguese bakery in Los Angeles. It's a cute little bakery with a dessert counter that is about as big as the cupcake shops (think Sprinkles in Beverly Hills or Dots in Pasadena), with a few tables out front for those customers who want to soak in that good ol' California sun...or that wonderful LA smog...

If you try their malasadas, remember that they're not Hawaiian malasadas (from Leonard's Bakery - made for you as you wait and served hot). Their baker makes them in the morning, and they serve them cooled until they run out.

The desserts are not too sweet, so you won't come away with a crazy sugar high.

Fab's Italian Kitchen

When I worked out in Brentwood, we would ALWAYS order from this place (and occasionally got ourselves down there to actually eat in the restaurant). We had the Italian chopped salad - delicious, as always. Tried their chicken piccata for the first time. Pretty good, but even so I think next time I'll stick to my old favorites - the parmagianas....

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