Friday, February 12, 2010

New Haagen-Dazs Flavors

Just in case you thought that they were slacking off in the Department of New Flavors, here are their newest additions to the line...

Dark Chocolate Mint: All the rich complexity of artisanal bittersweet chocolate blended into a luxuriously smooth ice cream.

Amaretto Almond Crunch: Seductively smooth Amaretto ice cream blended with crispy almond brittle.

And there are the 'almost new flavors':

Midnight Cookies & Cream: An indulgent blend of smooth chocolate ice cream, buttery fudge ribbons and chocolate wafer cookies.

Bananas Foster: All the lively flavors of classic Bananas Foster captured in a distinctly delicious ice cream.Your 2009 favorite returning for an encore!

Peanut Butter Brittle: Smooth peanut butter ice cream, with a peanut butter swirl and crunchy peanut butter brittle pieces.

Häagen-Dazs Five Lemon joins our all natural lineup of flavors crafted with only five ingredients— sweet, juicy lemons, milk, cream, egg and sugar.

Peach low fat frozen yogurt, including fresh orchard peaches and live and active cultures. Indulge in natural goodness.

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