Wednesday, July 12, 2006

World of WHAT?!

Stephen Colbert is a great man. Now that he's endorsed this game - count me in!!

[12:05:45] To [Defar] What time is the raid??? :)
[12:06:17] [Defar] No way...are you actually going to play?
[12:07:00] Allulah has joined the raid group.
[12:11:09] Allulah rolls her eyes at herself because she can't believe she actually did this...

1 comment:

dooneytunes said...

If you are leaving commentos while drinking coke, do you explode? Or does acid from your stomach come shooting out of your mouth AND nostrils (ooh, that burns!) AND eyes ("I'm blind, I'm blind!") in a fantastical Bellagio-fountain-like way?

P.S. - for those of you who are like "WTF is allulah"? (that's a who not a what) - imagine with me sitting there peacefully watching Princess Aurora (yes, we saw her, I kid you not!) walk by and then all of a sudden, 3 Armenian girls running after her and yelling her name with a slight (and by slight i mean HEAVY) Armenian accent and thats where Allulah comes from. And yes, it IS "the owner of this sites" character name in WoW - she HAS played WoW...(p.s. - you sure you want to allow people to comment? hmmmm....)