Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Limes DO have seeds

Well, some of them do. I've been telling people that limes don't have seeds for some time now, and I have to now correct myself. I was incorrect. WHAT?! I know, hard to believe, but yes, I was wrong. Believe me, it's difficult to admit.

Turns out that most limes sold in U.S. supermarkets don't have seeds because they were bred that way. You know, the same way that they make seedless grapes and watermelons.

So while I've never seen one myself, some limes do have seeds. My mission now is to find one. :)


jan-holly (ading) said...

i am kinda relieved to hear that.

dopey said...

haha! how funny that you posted this because last night, ivan and i saw a lime.. and we were like whaaat? :P

Anonymous said...

key limes have seeds, and so do the really small ones, that come in a bag of like 20..... ;)