Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weird Guy

So when you think of the weirdest pick up lines in the world, what comes to mind? Those silly cheesy lines like "Did it hurt?...When you fell from heaven?" Or the more standard lines like, "Hey baby, what's your sign?"

I got a sad attempt at a line this I was doing some grocery shopping. I had a lot of studying to do, so I was hoping to get done really fast. While I was standing in the ice cream and snack aisle (my favorite place to be) looking for something new or interesting, there was a guy standing there...I guess he was doing the same thing as me. As I was scanning the snacks and slowly moving down the aisle, he kept on looking at me. Then came the line, " do you like the prices here?" WHAT? Oh no. Time to get out of here. And how does one even answer that question? Prices change all the time?! But I wasn't done looking at the snacks yet, and I could be too incredibly rude. My response, "Um, it varies...from week to week." I start to inch away, and then came the follow-up. "So...are you from around here?" AHHHHHHHH no. Hmm. "No, I'm from L.A." Okay, time to wrap it up and move on... Then he continues, "Oh, I'm from Riverside, but I come out here to use the banks." Um, okay? Weird. Who drives 20 minutes to bank? Well, I guess there are people who do that. What do I do now? Here goes... "Alright, well, good luck!" Politely smile, and start walking away...phew.

So I say that was a weird attempt at a line, but as my brother pointed out (after a good, loooooooooooong, hearty laugh), I guess it worked because he got me to stay and talk for a little unhappy as I was about that part. But now, my brother has decided to use that line. So ladies, beware. If you are on the receiving end of that line, there's a good chance it might be my brother! Hahahahhaha....


dopey said...

haha! awesome ;)

dopey said...

here's the link to jamba juice! sorry it took me so long!