Thursday, July 03, 2008

Olympic Trials - Swimming

Swimming. The breaststroke, to be exact. I'm confused.

Can someone explain to me how this particular stroke came about? And how someone classified it as a sport? If you're trying to race someone across a pool, don't you want to use the fastest possible technique?

My sissy and I were talking about it today...There's no running equivalent for the breaststroke...or for the backstroke for that matter. No one in the Olympics is trying out to compete for fastest BACKWARDS runner in the world.

Okay, swimmers, no need to get all huffy. It was just a thought...or a bunch of thoughts. Not like I'm trying to ban it from the Olympics. Relax!!

(If you need to make me a villain, I'll help you. "Oh, she's just jealous because she's not good at it!" Right you are, sir! I can't do the breaststroke. In fact, I'm not a good swimmer PERIOD. There. You feel better? We good? Okay good.)

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