Friday, February 29, 2008

Ben & Jerry's New Flavors for 2008

Here they are...

ONE Cheesecake Brownie
- Cheesecake ice cream with Cheesecake Brownie Chunks

Cake Batter
- Yellow Cake Batter ice cream with a Chocolate Frosting Swirl

Imagine Whirled Peace (John Lennon)
- Caramel and Sweet Cream ice creams swirled with Fudge Peace signs and Toffee Cookie Pieces

Strawberry Banana FroYo
- Strawberry Banana frozen yogurt with Strawberries and a Strawberry Swirl

Click on the New Flavor Lagoon to see them for yourselves! I've begun my search. If anyone finds them in the Los Angeles/Riverside/San Bernardino area, please let me know!!

1 comment:

jan-holly (ading) said...

i might try the cheesecake brownie one with my coupon. although it is kinda weird that ONE is only against EXTREME poverty. then again maybe there isn't really such a thing as "moderate" poverty, maybe i just made it up right now.