Thursday, February 07, 2008

Starbucks Super Service

I went to Starbucks yesterday. I walked in and got two very cheerful greetings…then got the most wonderful service! Here’s how it went:

Me: Could I have a tall caramel apple cider, please?
Starbucks Barista: Unfortunately, you can’t…we’re all out of cider for today…BUT, I can get you any other drink – on the house.
Me: Really? Hahah…um…could I have a tall Peppermint Hot Chocolate no whip?
SB: Sure!
Me: Oh, and could you make that soy?
SB: Of course!
Me: [reaching into my bag for my wallet]
SB: No, no…put that away. I said it was on the house!
Me: Are you sure? My order was kinda complicated…
SB: Complicated? Sweetheart, this is Starbucks! That was hardly complicated! Complicated is sugar-free, half-pump, extra room…[kept going]. Here you go…enjoy!

I’ll be going back there…probably tonight!!!

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