Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tim Tam Crush

Okay...I had mentioned the Tim Tam Slam a long time ago. Just to refresh your memory, that's the way that the Aussies eat their Tim Tams. They bite diagonal corners off of their Tim Tam, then use it as a straw with hot chocolate, coffee, or another beverage of their choice. As soon as the drink reaches your mouth (after traveling through the cookie), you SLAM the entire cookie into your mouth and just wait for it to meeeeeeeeeeeeelt. So yummy.

The Tim Tam CRUSH is the newest cookie in the Tim Tam line. They are available in Toffee Nut, Honeycomb, and Mocha Hazelnut flavors. I'm not sure if you can SLAM the CRUSH, since Crush cookies aren't sandwich cookies. We'll see. Check it out here!

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Anonymous said...

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