Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wild Animal Crunch Cereal

Who said cereal needed to be vegetarian? This one happens to be Seal flavored! :) It doesn't say it on the box, but I'm pretty sure it's the wild animal that gives it the crunch...

Hope you all enjoy that delicious crrrrrunch!

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David Knaus said...

I find your product description utterly outrageous, completely egregious, extremely unconscionable, and I will be a horse's ass if I somehow come to find that my cereal is made with something other than 100% pure seal. SEAL motherf***er! You're writing a pretty big check with that mouth of yours, and so help me GOD if you can't cash it, due to lack of seal. Once again, I reiterate, there better be some goddamn seal in my bowl if I'm going to fork over my hard-earned $3.95 to the baby-killing, puppy-hating, old-people-smacking Animal Planet. Thank you.